High-speed Tiny Tube
Fiber Laser Cutter

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Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

High-speed Tiny Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

The High-speed Tiny Tube Fiber Laser Cutter excels in precise cutting of round and square tubes up to 90mm in diameter and 60mm square. Users can choose between mold or four-claw pneumatic chuck for flexible clamping. It offers stable, precise performance with optional bevel cutting and slag suction. Widely used in industries like doors, windows, furniture, sports equipment, hardware, sanitary ware, and auto parts, it’s known for high-speed precision cutting.For more details or tube fiber laser cutter price, just contact us.

  • High-speed
  • Short Tailings
  • Cut with 45° Bevel 
  • Tube Length:12000mm

Main Advantages

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

Various Tube Shapes

Ultra Heavy Tube Laser Cutter is capable of cutting various types of tubes and profiles, including round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, angle steel, channel steel, H-beam, and I-beam.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutter
45° Bevel Cutting

The high-speed tube laser cutter employs a dedicated bevel cutting head with autofocus for ±45° cutting on pipes and profiles, including round, square, angle, and channel steel.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutter
Automatic Follow-up Support Device

Equipped with a material support system, it adjusts height in real-time to prevent pipe swinging, ensuring precise cutting while providing follow-up support for the material.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

Professional Small Tube Laser Cutter

The high-speed tube laser cutter is specialized for thin and small tubes, handling square and round tubes starting from 15mm. With rapid acceleration up to 1.2G and chuck speed reaching 200 rpm, it boasts a professional laser cutting head and automatic loading/unloading system for fast, precise, and batch cutting.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

Ultra-short Tailings

Ultra-short tailings minimize waste, maximizing material use and cutting costs, ensuring tailings as short as 40-60mm.

Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

Fully Automatic Feeding System

Utilize intelligent feeding for batch cutting small pipes, freeing manpower and enhancing production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power1500W
Bevel range±45°
Pipe Cutting Range

Round tube: φ15-85mm (with rotary pneumatic chuck)

Round tube: φ15-90mm (with self-centering chuck)

Square tube: 15×15-60x60mm

maximum acceleration1.2G
Cutting accuracy±0.3mm; pipe curvature ≤2mm/m

Machine options

Standard configuration


BT110 laser head


Raycus laser

Air compressor

Plate welding bed

Cooling air conditioner

Profile aluminum beam

Smoke exhaust fan

Cypcut 8000S system



Cutting Samples

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