Super High Power
Metal Sheet Laser Cutter

Full Cove High Power 

1000w-50000w (Optional)

Super High Power
Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Hongniu high power fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for high power cutting applications from 1kw to 50kw. The machine is equipped with a comprehensive protective cover, which effectively protects workers from laser radiation and reduces environmental pollution. In addition, it comes with auto-swapable platforms that greatly reduce load times and improve processing efficiency. The exchange only takes 20 seconds to complete the exchange, allowing for faster turnaround times for cutting projects.

  • Working Area:3000*1500mm to 12000*2500mm
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Completely wrapped structure
  • Suitable for thick and medium plate (50kw available)
  • Pass CE/FDA/ETL, Meet European and American standards

Main advantage

Ultra high power sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

Exchange Platform

Equipped with a trading platform, the transaction can be completed within 20 seconds, improving work efficiency by 30%

High Power Cutting Head

Specially designed for high power back plate cutting, safety monitoring and intelligent real-time data, fast cooling system.

Smart Dust Removal

The air outlet automatically switches according to the position of the laser head for precise dust removal allowing smokeless cutting.

Safe and non-polluting

Fiber laser cutting machines come with advanced safety features including safety doors and one-button shutdown. CE standard laser protection glass on observation window. Built-in smoke filter for non-polluting, eco-friendly cutting.

Heavy plate welding machine bed

Super stable heavy duty plate welding machine bed for high power laser cutting. High-quality steel construction resists deformation and ensures accuracy. Efficient heat dissipation and dust removal extend equipment life.

High-strength Aviation Aluminum Beam

High Strength Aviation Aluminum Beam

Lightweight aviation aluminum beam with reinforced structure. Stress relief annealing, aging treatment and fine machining ensure durability and stability.

Technical parameters

Model HN-3015G6 HN-4015G6 HN-4020G6 HN-6025G6 HN-8025G6 HN-12025G6
Working Area 3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2500mm 8000*2500mm 12000*2500mm
Laser Power 1000w-50000w
Maximum Acceleration 1.5G
Maximum Velocity of Movement 160m/min
Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm/m
Repeated Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm/m

Machine options

Standard configuration


BT110 laser head


Raycus laser

Air compressor

Plate welding bed

Cooling air conditioner

Profile aluminum beam

Smoke exhaust fan

Cypcut 8000S system



sample cutting

Industry Application